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Loan Terms What are the terms and conditions of the loans?

Banks and finance companies often impose certain conditions on applying for a loan to ensure the customer’s repayment ability and reduce their own risks. In this guide, we will cover the most common terms that can be found on loans. When applying for a loan, do not look blindly at your own income. Traditional banks […]

Home loan with a new look for your home

Do you need a new look for your home that is better suited to the season? Have you just built or refurbished your entire home and now is the time to finish it? Many others have dreams of a wonderfully warming neck, a fireplace in the kitchen or new, darker boards for the sauna. In […]

How to do when you need money fast

Need money: coping safely with the alternative Creditstair As we have seen, revolving credit is not a consumer credit like any other. With a total cost that is excessive and difficult to predict, it is potentially dangerous for the borrower who is not well informed or does not exercise a minimum of vigilance. Good to […]

Debt consolidation, what is it?

What is debt consolidation or loan consolidation? Debt consolidation is a financial product (in particular a loan) that allows you to “consolidate” (hence the name) debts taken on through previous loans or mortgages. In other words, debt consolidation is a tool through which the consumer can benefit from lower monthly installments, and more suited to […]

Do you know these loan terms?

This guest pen is written by the Finnish crowdfunding and peer-to-peer loan service Fellow Finance, through which both individuals and companies can apply for a loan. You should carefully prepare for applying for a loan. For example, consider your loan repayment ability and find out how much you are willing to pay each month. Before […]

How to get money quickly?

There are many ways, but not all will be profitable for us. It will be quickest to contact one of the private loan companies. They don’t check if we have money or if we have credit standing. We sign a contract and usually after thirty days you have to pay the entire amount and interest. […]

Are Loans Consolidation Worthwhile – What Are the Risks?

The marketing of consumer loans in the form of consolidation loans has recently been increased and is being offered to customers by many online lenders. The purpose of applying for a compound loan is usually to save on the costs of individual loans. However, spontaneous bundling of loans with consumer credit can, in the worst-case […]

How to get a cheap conso credit?

7 tips to get a   cheap conso credit The consumer loan is a flexible and effective lever to finance its projects (purchase a new car, work in its interior) or deal with an unexpected (large invoice, cash flow problem). The interests scare you? We guide you to help you get cheap conso. 1 – […]

Which criteria should I use to compare an online credit?

Applying for credit online has become relatively simple nowadays. But do not forget to compare the different offers to make the best choice. In order to help you, we realized this file on the different criteria to take into account to compare an online credit. I. Defining the online credit A. What is an online […]

How to apply for a loan What should you know?

This guide will walk you through how to apply for a loan. We get into things that need to be considered when applying for a loan. These things include: what are the costs, what types of loans are available, and what factors affect the credit decision. At the end, we cover the most common hazards […]